Ewell Village Bowling Club

Racal Decca Mixed League

Last updated - 05/04/2017 4:12pm

Constitution and Rules

1.  The League shall consist of a maximum of 13 teams.

2.  League matches shall consist of each club playing three rinks of 21 ends once a season, reversing venue the following year.

3.   As this is a mixed League, all rinks should be made up of a least one of each gender.

4.   If one player is absent from a rink, the number of bowls played by the side in default shall be made up by the Lead and Two playing with three bowls each.  One third of the total shots scored by any rink playing only three players shall be deducted from their score at the end of the match.  Fractions shall be taken into account and rounded up.

5.   If a team cannot start the arranged match within 30 minutes of the scheduled time the team not in default shall be awarded a win and 20 shots and 10 points.  The League Secretary must be notified of this immediately.

6.  Scoring:

    4 points for an overall aggregate win

    2 points for an overall aggregate draw

    2 points for each winning rink

    1 point for each drawn rink

7.  Result of all matches, must be recorded on the League Result Sheet provided and sent by the Home Club to the League Secretary either by post of electronically immediately after the match.  It is the home teams responsibility to submit that Result Sheet within 7 days.  Failure to do so could mean all points being awarded to the away team.  The Result Sheet should be retained by the Home Club if sent electronically.  Scorecards should be retained by both Clubs in case they are needed for checking.

8.  Abandonment.  A match may be abandoned with the agreement of both Captains.  In the event of a match being abandoned, the result will count if a minimum of 15 ends have been played on all rinks.  The score will be taken at 15 ends on each rink and this will form the result.  The clubs may mutually agree to re-arrange the fixture if 15 ends have not been reached.  If this should not be possible, points shall be shared equally.  The League Secretary must be informed of this as soon as possible.

9.  Cancellation.  The home Club shall be responsible for declaring the green unfit for play.  If a match is cancelled for this reason, it may be re-arranged by mutual agreement.  If this is not possible, the points shall be shared equally.  The League Secretary must be informed of this as soon as possible.

10.  The Club with the highest points shall be declared the League winner and awarded the Racal-Decca Mixed League Shield for one year.  In the event of teams having equal points, the Club with the highest number of shots difference shall be declared the winner.  If any other situation arises the Shield shall be held equally.

11.  League tables will be circulated after 15, 30, 45, 60 and all results received by the League Secretary.

12.  All matches shall be played in accordance with Bowls England rules.

13.  A player may only play for one club in the League matches in one season.

14.  Any matters not covered by these Rules shall be decided by the League Secretary whose decision shall be final.

15.  A Fixture Card should be sent to the League Secretary either by post or electronically before the start of the Season.  Alternatively, the League Secretary should be advised that the fixtures are available on a Club’s website.

16.   The Subscription to cover the League running costs shall be decided by the Club representatives at the AGM.  A balance sheet shall be produced.  The League has no bank account so the subscription shall be paid cash or cheque made payable to the Secretary before the start of the season.

17.  An AGM shall be held on the second Sunday in October, when possible, to discuss any business and review rules.  Any changes will take effect immediately.