Ewell Village Bowling Club

Pairs (Men) - 2017

Last updated - 05/04/2017 3:05pm

2016 Champions - Keith Shepperd and Ron Churchill

Steward:  Dennis Kearns

Third Round - to be played by 18th June

The game shall consist of 18 ends, four bowls each player, played under handicap.

Pairs Substitution

The pair, constituting those players drawn to play together ("the original pair") in the first round, should normally play together throughout the competition.  However in special circumstances substitution may be allowed.  In such circumstances one or other of the original pair must play in each round and any substitute shall not have already played as a member of another pairing in the competition that season.  The pairs handicap must, where necessary be adjusted as appropriate.  Substitutes  must be from the lis of reserves posted on the competition board.  If that list has become exhausted of substitutes the relevant selection committee can invite another member to take part.