Ewell Village Bowling Club

Syd Brown Trophy 2017

Last updated - 16/03/2017 3:07pm

A friendly, internal competition for 4 Players, 2 bowls, 16 ends

Organisers :  Tracie Bailey and Dennis Kearns.

We welcome all Syd Brown Trophy players to this year’s competition. Teams will comprise 4 players. There are 6 teams, Lions, Tigers, Lynx, Pumas, Leopards and Jaguars, each headed by a team leader, whose job it is to allocate players to fixtures, and generally be the point of contact with the organisers. As new members join the club they will be encouraged to join the Syd Brown Trophy, so, hopefully, team numbers will increase as the season progresses.  Please give the organisers and your team leader full support, particularly by turning out on the dates you have agreed to play, and on time, i.e. be at the club at 2.00 pm to get ready, help assemble the equipment, etc., so that games can start promptly at 2.30 pm.

By definition the Syd Brown Trophy, being a competition, will inevitably be played competitively. It is also a league fixture to be enjoyed, and it’s our sincere hope that the enjoyment aspect will prevail. With a measure of goodwill, I’m sure it will. It just remains to wish everyone a happy Syd Brown.

Syd Brown Competition – Rules For 2017

Matches will be played on designated Tuesdays and Thursday. Play will start at 2.30pm. However, if at this time a team is a player short, a game can be delayed by a maximum of 15 minutes to allow for her/his late arrival. 

Each Team will consist of 4 players. Two bowls. Games of 16 ends.

If a team is one player short No’s 1 and 2 will play 3 bowls. The team with 3 will be deducted 1/3 of their score.

It is hoped that this next rule will not need to be used.  But if by exception both opposing teams are unable to comply with the 4 player per team rule, a game can be played 3 players against 3 players.  Two bowls per player: 18 ends.

Points for a Win 2; Points for a Draw 1.

Rain affected Play.  If fewer than 7 ends have been completed when, in the Duty Organiser’s opinion, the competition should be ‘abandoned’, disrupted fixtures will be replayed on one of the two afternoons kept free for ‘replays’, but if the organisers find that due to ‘fixture congestion’ on these dates it is not possible to replay a game, 2 points will be awarded to each team.

A game ‘abandoned’ after 7 ends have been completed: the points will be awarded per the score card at the time of ‘abandonment’.

The Duty Organiser’s decisions are final.

Start 2.30 pm

Thursday, 8 June 17 Lynx v Jaguars   Tigers v Leopards   Lions v Pumas
Tuesday, 13 June 17 Pumas v Lynx   Lions v Tigers   Leopards v Jaguars
Thursday, 22 June 17 Lynx v Leopards   Tigers v Jaguars   Pumas v Lions
Tuesday, 27 June 17 Lions v Lynx   Leopards v Tigers   Jaguars v Pumas
Thursday, 6 July 17 Lynx v Tigers   Lions v Jaguars   Pumas v Leopards
Tuesday, 11 July 17 Leopards v Lynx   Tigers v Pumas   Jaguars v Lions
Thursday, 20 July 17 Jaguars v Leopards   Tigers v Lions   Lynx v Pumas
Tuesday, 25 July 17 Jaguars v Lynx   Leopards v Lions   Pumas v Tigers
Thursday, 3 August 17 Lynx v Lions   Leopards v Pumas   Jaguars v Tigers
Tuesday, 8 August 17 Tigers v Lynx   Pumas v Jaguars   Lions v Leopards

Spare dates in case of rain

Tuesday 15th August 2017

Tuesday 22nd August 2017


Tigers Lions Pumas
Bernie Bristow Ellie Merry Bruce Urquhart
Doreen Brice* Geoff Lello Dennis Kearns
Eric Webb Ken Davis Gill Young
Irene Humphries Patsy Bruce Heather Blakeburn
Jim Looker Richard Bray John Fitzgerald
Sue Young Roy Hibbin* Margaret Cossou
Val Crowhurst Veena Parmar Sue Batterham*
Jaguars Leopards Lynx
Betty Bond Bridie Alexander Bill Murray
Chris Bowyer Ian How Fred Humphries
Derek Learwood* Jim Bradley Hazel Mearns
Georgie Lello Lynda Learwood Joe MacDonald
Keith Shepherd Ron Churchill Margaret Golding*
Maureen Harding Tony Blakeburn* Val Hedges
Ron Taylor Tracie Bailey Viv Reynolds
*  Team Co-ordinator